Mother’s Day: What NOT To Give Your Mother

9 May

The Gift of Mother’s Day


Another “holiday” full of hype, unrealistic expectations, and expense.

Plus loads of gifting pressure.

Because we all know that, whatever she says, gifts are Mom’s love language.

Here are a few tips to assist you in giving well, and perhaps, clinching favorite child status.

Mother's Day Gifts










What NOT To Give Your Mother

  • GRIEF – Don’t get arrested, crash your car, post a sex tape, or kill your brother (it’s her kid!). At least, not today.


  • AGING PRODUCTS – Not cool. This includes anti-wrinkle creams, cosmetic surgery, Botox injections, and turkey neck cures.


  • WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM SUBSCRIPTIONS – No matter how sorely needed, this is not a safe or tactful idea.


  • A PHONE CALL OR WORSE YET A MEASLY TEXT – If you only reach out once a year, this could backfire big time. You, ungrateful one, are already out of the will.


  • PRE-ARRANGED FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS – Seriously? A present that you can’t even use while you’re alive? You have to be dead? How passive aggressive.


  • ARMY BOOTS – Unless, of course, Mommy is in the Army. “Your Mom wears Army boots” is no longer an insult – it’s likely a compliment. We’ve come a long way, baby.


  • UNNECESSARY WORRY AND ANXIETY – If you are hell-bent on skydiving, bungee jumping, wrestling crocodiles, or exploring Pyongyang – don’t tell her ’til after the dirty deed is done!  At the very least, you’ll postpone the pain.

The real gift is Motherhood. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

*** Happy Mother’s Day! ***

Mother's Day Gifts NOT To Give









Should we tell our children what we really want?

“Sure, honey. This is what I’d love. Here’s my list. Get crackin’!”

  • A round-trip, first class, all expenses paid vacation to Bora Bora
  • A spa week in Provence, champagne included
  • Pay off my mortgage
  • A gaggle of grandchildren
  • Lifelong 24-7 tech help
  • A ruby red Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible

*** Happy Mothers Day! ***

Funny Mom Flicks 4 Mother’s Day



Fake Vacations: Is the Unposted Life Worth Living?

28 Apr


Life Unposted Fake vacations











The examined life is worth living.

The documented life is worth living.

But is the publicized life worth living?

Fake or Real?

Life publicized is posted on social media with text, images, and/or video for the universe to see.

It’s all out there – the good, the bad, and the boring.

The mundane and the meaningless.

The real and the fabricated.

Everyone is a quasi-celebrity on social media.

If somebody (anybody!) falls in the forest – and the video is not posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…

… did it really happen?

We’ll never know.

fake vacations life unposted









At Your Service

Guess what? There are companies that will fake vacations for you on social media.

Vacations With Benefits

I’ll be going on a fake European vacation this summer, and boy am I excited!

But why?

Because I’ll be saving a ton of real money.

Hey, no VAT tax to pay.

No airline, hotel, restaurant, or rental car bills.

Kissing off cell phone roaming fees.

I’ll save energy, too.

Voila! No flying means no jet lag.

Yay! No painful blisters from those excruciating touristic walking tours.

No torment from gastrointestinal distress courtesy of questionable cuisine.

Saying bye-bye to weight gain caused by vacation splurging.

Happily, no airport hassles.

Finally, no pet sitter. No Fido and Fluffy guilt.

Life Unposted Fake Vacations











Bon Voyage

And if you go on a fake trip this year, enjoy!

I’m sure I’ll read all about it online 🙂

I’ll Have What She’s Having

No Budget To Travel? This Company Can Fake A Vacation For Your Instagram

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Chimp scrolls through Instagram like a pro

Dear Boss: 7 Reasons I’m Taking Friday and Monday Off

News Flash: Goofy News to Amuse You

12 Apr

Fun: Goofy News to Amuse You

The truth is stranger than fake news.


Fun: Goofy News for You










Goofy News

Brain Zaps for Memory


Snacking Hack – Nutella


Life Hacks for April National Humor Month

29 Mar

LIfe Hacks for April National Humor Month

You know you need them!

National Humor Month










Live a Better Life Already

7 Trendy Tips to Up Your Game

  • How to get a pedicure when you’re wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet (and not electrocute yourself).


  • Using duct tape on pimples and fever blisters. (Don’t worry that you’ll never get it off)


  • Diet tips to motivate you and your fat dog. (Does not involve duct tape)


  • Take a power nap in the refrigerator. Boosts metabolism. Increases zest for life (and brain freeze).


  • Learn 501 ways to tie a scarf. Renews creativity. (Includes 499 ways you’ll never wear)


  • For sugar cravings, suck on mint dental floss. (Surprisingly satisfying if you’re on a 3-day fast)


  • Did you know? In a pinch, dental floss doubles as a cuticle clipper. (Impress your fancy friends at a dinner party with this life hack)


April National Humor Month







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Dear Boss: 7 Reasons I’m Taking Friday and Monday Off

Mindless Thought For The Day: LIFE IS…

Humor Book with Heart: Dave Barry’s LESSONS FROM LUCY

15 Mar

Looking for a humor book with heart?

All is not lost.

Dave Barry has a new book coming out on April 2nd


It’s a delightful mix of humor, self-help, and a happy dog…

What’s not to love?

LESSONS FROM LUCY: The Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog

Dave Barry book Lessons from Lucy










Meet Dave on tour!

Preorder on Amazon

Barb Best Humor Dave Barry Book




My Cat has a Bucket List, Doesn’t Yours?

March the Month: Do you Feel the Joy?

1 Mar

March the Month: Do you Feel the Joy?

March is the month God created to show people who don’t drink what a hangover is like.

– Garrison Keillor

March the Month








The third month of the year.

It’s not winter.

It’s not spring – and it’s definitely not summer.

March is many things. It is NOT a day at the beach.

Hail Caesar

Beware the Ides of March.

It should be on antidepressants.

It’s a gruelling time defined by spring cleaning, facing your dreaded taxes, springing ahead yet losing an hour, clearing the emotional and physical clutter and cobwebs of winter. It has all the warmth of a broken kite. […]

Winter Cheer Up! Observations from the Abyss

14 Feb

Winter Cheer Up! Observations from the Abyss

Cheer Up!

A noxious mood state is a nice place to visit, but you don’t want to live there all winter.

Experiencing the arctic vortex or a rash of flash flooding and mudslides can put the sunniest of us souls in a sour mood.

Winter Cheer Up! Observations from the Abyss









We all agree – watching the news is about as much fun as chewing on foil. […]

Still Not Dead: Willie Nelson + It’s Heart Month

1 Feb

Still Not Dead: Willie Nelson + It’s Heart Month

Still not Dead is a funny song written by Willie Nelson.

“I woke up still not dead again today.”
Still Not Dead: Willie Nelson + Heart Month










Minimalism: Does it Spark Joy or Oy?

17 Jan

Minimalism: A few thoughts

First, the word “minimalism” – for God’s sake, it’s 10 letters and 5 syllables!

Why the #&!# not a shorter word…

… for a concept and practice that embodies simplicity and “less?”

Minimalism: Joy or Oy








If you are one hot mess short of being a certified hoarder, minimalism may be the answer.

What Is Minimalism?

It’s a thriving movement. It promises the average packrat “joy” through simplicity.  […]

Grateful for 2019: 7 Damn Good Reasons

1 Jan

Grateful for 2019: 7 Damn Good Reasons

Grateful for 2019!

You bet!

“But why?” you ask.



Grateful for 2019










Grateful Because…

  • You did not have a leech removed from your nose. (That head cold last winter was bad enough.)

  • There is not a shocking blue glow over your town’s skies. (You love the color blue, but not this much.)