2 Nov


Yes, I play with my words. So do my friends.


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First, it is pun fun.

Also, it is a feeble attempt to fend off age-related dementia.

You know – the condition that starts when you have children, take on a mortgage, or bring multiple cats into your home.

You may suspect you are getting a bit fuzzy.

Your memory for stuff is spotty. You say “stuff” a lot.

You are no longer the sharpest toenail clipper in the cosmetic bag.


Playing Words with Friends

The next best thing to “Scrabble for Seniors?”

The City Word Game!



It goes like this…

There is nothing vague about Vegas.

A lot of people want to leave Cleveland.

The capitol of hair gel could be Los Angeles.

A huge amount of port is consumed in Portland.

You have to go far to get to Fargo.

Toledo has no toll roads.

You will freeze to death if you are in the “buff” in Buffalo.

There’s nothing mini about Minneapolis.

I have never missed Mississippi but I love to misspell it.

Have you noticed that Boulder is younger – not older – than most towns?

I have not one memento from Sacramento.

Are there no fees in Phoenix?

Is San Antonio a city of toned folks or a leader in national obesity rates?

Legal Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor if this word play game causes headaches, blurred vision, compulsive behavior, or loved ones to stuff a sock in your mouth.

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