Woof! Halloween Costumes Have Gone to the Dogs

19 Oct

Halloween Costumes and Dogs

Orange and black have invaded the retail world. Pumpkins, creepy decorations, and feed bags of over-priced candy block the aisles of every store – including the pet store. Orange is the new black, but dogs are the new orange.

Sniffing the $$$

According to MarketWatch, pet owners will spend nearly half a billion dollars on animal costumes this Halloween

Halloween Gone to the Dogs

Do dogs like dressing up? (I thought that was more of a gerbil thing.)

Animal behaviorists and dog cognition researchers suggest dogs aren’t crazy about dressing up, although they do appreciate the associated attention and treats from their owners. Imposing human garments on a canine likely stirs up pesky ancestral feelings.

Do you believe your special needs mongrel yearns to dress up as Albert Einstein or a bag of French Fries?

For God’s sake, a cocker spaniel is not comfortable wearing a petticoat and a sports bra!



One worries…

Will Lucky feel deprived if he misses out on all the Halloween fun – the sugar high, the gobbling of candy bars with wrappers, the neighbor’s bullhorn, the vomiting, and being freaked out by the Doberman donning a tutu and ballet shoes?

Does your golden retriever prefer Snickers to Skittles?  Whoa, isn’t chocolate harmful to dogs?

Are Swedish Fish and Kit Kat bars only for felines?

What if your Corgi has a peanut allergy or gluten intolerance?

Do I need to have special doggie treats on hand for your dog in drag?

And how will I explain this canine indulgence to my sensible tabby who will have no part of this decadent Pagan Ritual Party Night Gone Wild?


If you dress up your therapy dog like a grilled hot dog on a sesame seed bun – your therapy dog may need therapy.

If your dog as a hot dog is cuter than your cleverly costumed kid + gets more adoration from family members and complete strangers – will your kid need therapy?


When it comes to Halloween, you can teach a dog owner new tricks… almost a half billion dollar’s worth.

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