Wine: Ruminations from the Bottom of a Glass of Rose´

3 Jun

Wine On!

Introspection does not come easy to some.

Since ancient times, women (especially) turn to vino while searching for deep thoughts.

After all, research has shown that drinking red wine helps you think. Trust me – something about increased blood flow to the brain.

So surely, the blush of resveratrol in Rose´wine aids in ruminating on life’s great issues.


Barb Best Humor

Wine: Ruminations from the Bottom of a Glass of Rose´

  • Unfortunately, joining a meal kit delivery service will not solve all of my time management problems.  Seems it takes a good deal of time to cook a real meal.


  • I am both the travel agent and tour guide on my children’s guilt trips. Where’s my commission? My tip?

  • Will a pet GPS tracker work on my husband and/or contractor?


  • One third of all women 18-34 years old have more than 50 selfies in their phone’s photo library. I suspect these are the same women who wear their “It’s Wine O’Clock” tee-shirts proudly in the school pick-up line. God bless them.


  • Just because the technology exists that enables you to answer your front door from the refrigerator, do you really want to?  Can’t you pull your head out of there for two minutes to greet your visitors?


  • Siri, Alexa, Cortana – possibly the real “Mean Girls.”


  • A salad is more likely to kill you than a bucket of ice cream or a hot dog.

5 dead, nearly 200 sickened in romaine lettuce outbreak 

Who needs meditation when we have wine?


Technology – Lovin’ it!

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