The WEIRD News of The Week: True or False?

4 Oct


WEIRD 7: The news wasn’t merely horrible this week – it was WEIRD!

Weird News of The Week


  • Can you hear me now? In the Bahamas, a woman swimming with the dolphins dropped her cell phone into the ocean, then was amazed when a dolphin retrieved it.


  • In Maine, a dog drove a truck into a lake – and didn’t get a DUI.


  • France’s culture ministry held a “dwarf fashion show.”


  • A woman born without legs is now a lingerie model in Los Angeles.


  • In Florida, someone’s pet monkey got loose and ate junk mail out of a neighbor’s mailbox. Beats McDonald’s.


  • The Denver International Airport was evacuated for twenty minutes when the X-ray monitor showed bomb-like fuses and wax inside a passenger’s bag. The objects in question turned out to be funny? wedding favors labeled “TNT” – after the first letter of the bride’s and groom’s names.


  • A drunk San Diego man attempted to ace his car breathalyzer by having a raccoon blow into the device.


Would I lie? ALL are TRUE.

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