Technology: Just Because You Can… Do You Want To?

20 Jun

Technology is amazing.






Technology: Because You Can


  • Must you count every step you take? Fascinating at first, mundane after a week.


  • Do you desire a smart house? If you want to be surrounded by a superior intelligence – get a cat!


  • Seriously… do you need a motion-activated, glowing LED illuminated toilet seat?

  • Why overshare the 500 selfies you hoard on your cell? Are you not feeling like a star in your own life?


  • Do you want a talking scale that shouts your weight to the neighbors?


  • Do you really want to watch your dog scratch his balls or paint dry at your house on your cell while you toil at work?


  • Just because you don’t have to pay healthcare insurance premiums and social security taxes for Alexa, do you want to shack up with a personal assistant who records your every word and is such a damn busybody?


  • Does everyone really need a personal assistant? One that plays Rock Paper Scissors all day?

Just askin’ ­čÖé

Technology: Because You Can

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