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Friends: Our Dubious Achievements of 2020

3 Jan

Friends: Our Dubious Achievements of 2020

While contemplating goals and intentions for the new year 2021 (yawn),

I asked pals, “What have I and/or you accomplished in 2020?”


Dubious Achievements friends








Prolific artistic output?  A thick, juicy novel ripe with creative breakthroughs?

A slew of wonderful new paintings — like 83 year old David Hockney?

After a totally non-scientific study and truly shallow analysis…

Ta Da!


friends achievements








The Results! Winning!

Our Dubious Achievements of 2020

  • I started and cultivated a new hobby – an enviable collection of stylish and uncomfortable face masks and – who knew – a fashion accessory fetish.


  • Gained 5 (or so, but who’s counting?) pounds


  • Learned to bake a killer sourdough bread. I hate sourdough bread. It’s sour!


  • Subscribed to Netflix, Dash, Hello Fresh, Uber Eats and YouTube Premium.


  • Burned out a toaster oven and a knee.



  • Watched 5,725 hours of Netflix TV shows – and remember nothing.


  • Spent quality nap time with housebound, emotionally needy feline.


  • Cancelled Netflix.


  • Took MasterClasses in French Pastry Fundamentals + Wine Appreciation (See #2 Gained weight)


  • Developed a sleep disorder. Ironic being that I had so much more time for sleeping.


  • Sprouted some hopping mad hemorrhoids. Misery loves company, and so does sitting all day. TMI BFF!


  • Grew a mangy beard, got fleas from the dog, lost my girlfriend, took up smoking. Ouch.



  • Taught myself to play the electric guitar like Hendrix and Van Halen – sort of (thank you YouTube)


  • Engaged in squabbles and high-minded food fights with friends on Facebook. But were they ever really “friends?”


  • Ruminated endlessly upon philosophical conundrums such as “If laughter is medicine, can’t I be allergic to it?  Or overdose?”


  • Stayed alive. Did not die laughing. Whew! Success!


2021: WINNING!

Redefining success in 2021 – Happy & Healthy New Year!

If It’s January, Those Must Be Vitamins You’re Popping



Genetic Testing for Traits We Really Want To Know About

7 Sep

Testing… 1 – 2 – 3… Testing

Barb Best Humor Blog Traits We Really Want to Know










There is available at-home genetic testing for likely traits such as cilantro aversion, earwax type (wet? dark-colored? sticky? Gross!), photic sneeze reflex (whatever that is), asparagus odor detection, and unibrow.

Seriously, do you need a DNA test to confirm your hair color (unless you actually can’t recall your original color) or remind you that you can smell asparagus in your pee?

Traits We Really Want To Know If We’re Carrying

  • Smart Ass gene
  • Propensity to drown in credit card debt
  • Pathological Liar
  • Lucky in love


7 Smart-Ass TIPS: How to Avoid Cognitive Overload

1 Mar

Cognitive overload – it can happen to you.


According to (who else?) Wikipedia

“In cognitive psychology, cognitive load refers to the total amount of mental effort being used in the working memory.”

Mental effort requires serious labor, and if overdone – your head will explode.

Too much on your mental plate?

7 TIPS to Avoid “The Big O” – Brain Overload


7 MORE Things To Worry About In 2016

14 Jan


Yes, my friend, ALL of these disturbing items are real.

It’s time to get your worry on…

7 MORE Things To Worry About In 2016


7 MORE Things To Worry About In 2016


  • Hoverboard hysteria  (OMG, call the fire department)