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Baby New Year: It’s A Learning Experience

7 Jan

Baby New Year: It’s A Learning Experience

New Year: It’s A Learning Experience

Baby New Year is in shock.

No wonder she’s screaming her head off.

We mere humans are born not knowing much.

We must learn to suck, eat, use a toilet, set the car clock, send an email with a link that works and occasionally make our own mulch.


A Learning Moment baby humor












So what do we learn?

Lessons Learned

  • Don’t comb your hair with a fork – especially if it has spaghetti and meatballs on it. Even if it is funny.
  • Don’t put a dog biscuit in your mouth.
  • Don’t run with the wolves – or an ice pick.
  • Don’t lick your finger and stick it in an electrical socket.
  • Don’t let anyone else (like an older brother) lick your finger and stick it in an electrical socket.
  • Don’t touch the stove, it’s hot!  Have you noticed that “touch” has an “ouch” in it? Not a coincidence.

As we grow older, we must learn to survive, plus…

  • Open our hearts.
  • Play.
  • Laugh.


If you give a mouse a cookie… then you can teach it to play the harmonica.

If a mouse can learn to play a harmonica – what can we learn?




You can tickle a rat, but you can’t make him stop laughing..



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 ~ May it be better than you expect!

Happy New Year: 7 Things I Learned in 2014

Lessons: Evacuating from an Active Wildfire Zone

30 Nov

There are many lessons to be learned when evacuating from an active wildfire zone.


“Wind’s in the East…mist coming in.

Like something is brewing, about to begin.

Can’t put my finger…on what lies in store, but I fear what’s to happen all happened before.”

– Bert in Mary Poppins

Dick Van Dyke Barb Best




Remember to breathe!  But only with a N95 respirator mask so you can screen out hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, acrolein, and random farts.

Soot happens. You’ll likely resemble Dick Van Dyke as Bert the chimney sweeper in Mary Poppins.