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Weekend Funny 5 on Twitter

12 Oct

On Twitter, check out:

Wendy Liebman

Wendy Liebman ‏ @WendyLiebman

Hi! I’m not verified so I’m not really sure that I’m me.


Steve Martin


Steve Martin@SteveMartinToGo

I am the actor, writer, comedian and banjo fiend. You can find out about my shows at SteveMartin.com.

Moving around. · http://www.stevemartin.com


Comedy writer, juggler (trainee), reader. Planner of Schemes, Builder of Dreams. I will brook no guff from chumps. http://www.DanBurt.com/

Alabama · http://www.CaptainCanard.com/


The Laughter Rx|Healing Humor 4 patients&caregivers|Nurses Month http://bit.ly/Ihigta | Current http://bit.ly/RgtDqU| Subscribe http://bit.ly/OMBIY9

Florence, OR · http://www.laughterrx.net


The Hot Flash Mob is a worldwide movement to raise awareness and change perceptions about peri-menopause and menopause.

· http://thehotflashmob.com



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