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Death: Condolence Greeting Cards for Real Life

1 Nov

Condolence Cards Daily Life Death Humor

Death: Condolence Cards for Real Life

There is considerable loss and misfortune in our daily lives. Perhaps mundane, and yet so tragic.


“Everyday a little death.”

– A Little Night Music


For your Comfort

My condolences on your recent disastrous coach flights through Cleveland and Newark and the loss of your luggage. That eclectic wardrobe of yours is… irreplaceable.



Condolence Cards Real Life








In deepest sympathy on the demise of your classic vintage Baroque sofa.

Who knew a cute little puppy 🐶 could chew through an antique armrest that has been in the family for centuries and is practically a historical landmark.


Condolence Cards Daily Life Humor





On the passing of your five year old Frigidaire.  “They don’t make them like they used to!” says everyone over 45 years old.  Perhaps this is a sign? God is tempting you to enjoy more processed foods and take-out meals.  Appliance demise is often a mixed blessing.



Sorry to hear your best friend flaked out on you again. Another dental emergency? Who wanted to go on that dopey luxury European cruise anyway? Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia Here We Go Again!



Condolence Cards Daily Life Death Humor

Good Help is Hard to Find

Sending you comfort as you process the neglect and desertion inflicted upon you by your trusted handyman. Anyone who can do the house stuff for you is marriage material. Lots of luck on your search – you’ll need it.



The Glass is Half Full


In deepest sympathy on the loss of your marbles. Perhaps it is time to play with your food or your feet.
Thinking of you as we all lose our memories – day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute… WTF I forget the next one.


Condolence Cards Daily Life Death Humor







Time to Heal

Sorry you’re going through this fresh hell. Nobody deserves this agony.  Wishing your internet connection a speedy recovery.
Carol Burnett

Greeting Cards for People Who Adore the “F” Word

13 Nov


The “F” word.

It’s everywhere you looks!

In the culture, in the books.

As Stephen Sondheim might say,

“In the parlor, in the bed
In the curtains, in the silver
In the buttons, in the bread”

Everyday a little “F.”

Profanity is ubiquitous (don’t you love that word?)

Interview on Fast Company: The popular and successful children’s book parodies by Adam Mansbach […]