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5 Flu Prevention Tips for Hypochondriacs & Moms

9 Oct

Are you a Worry Wart? A Grade A Hypochondriac? Or just a Mom Who Cares?

Afraid of getting the flu this year? Of course you are!

I feel your pain.

5 Flu Prevention Tips JUST for YOU!


  • Don’t shake hands with anyone. Pretend you’re Japanese and bow humbly from a distance.
  • Don’t touch elevator buttons, escalator handles, stair railings, or any of your kid’s clothing (especially shirt sleeves as they are SO often used as Kleenex) WITH YOUR HANDS. This will require you to be creative AND limber.
  • Bubble wrap your toddler on play dates. Also limits collateral damage of all sorts. Parents will love you.
  • If you even begin to feel slightly sick at work or at school, think Ferris Bueller. Better safe than sorry.
  • Avoid flying, especially in coach. Upgrade to First Class where you can minimize contact with scads of runny-nosed peeps – plus the free booze they give you will kill all kinds of nasty germs.

    This may prove to be a tad expensive – 3 or 4 times the coach fare. And that, my friends,  is nothing to sneeze at.


 WTF?    $1239?  I’ll use a different credit card – Warren Buffet’s.

Do you have any flu prevention tips? Sharing is caring.

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