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True or False?

23 Aug

BOO!  POP Culture POP Quiz!


1.   The TLC TV Show “Extreme Cougar Wives” is revolting.

2.   “Extreme Cougar Wives” is encouraging!

“Extreme Cougar Wives explores the exciting lives of women who love much younger men.” – TLC



3.   Next season, you’ll be able to vote one of the wives from TLC TV Network’s “Sister Wives” OFF the show.

The title card for Sister Wives, a TLC reality...

The title card for Sister Wives, a TLC reality television series about a polygamist family. (Photo credit: Wikipedi

4.   Tangerine is not an actual color.  Neither is avocado. […]

Aging With Humor

28 Mar


What does “Raging Gracefully” mean to me?

Oh, did you say “Aging Gracefully?”

Raging, ranting, bitching, and moaning ages you faster than a triple digit birthday or an I.R.S. audit.

Cultivating and maintaining A SENSE OF HUMOR is your only saving grace.

You age gracefully when you can LAUGH at the various insults and injuries that may come your way. […]