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Stressed? 5 Reasons YOU Are Stressed Out

14 Oct

You are stressed out. You are worried. You are miserable.

You are not alone ūüėÄ

Barring a terrorist attack, cataclysmic global economic collapse, or tainted Halloween candy, October is usually a fairly innocuous month.

But not this October.




Reason #1. Did you notice? UGH. It’s an election year.


11 Things To Worry About In 2016

4 Jan


Happy New Year 2016!


11 Things To Worry About In 2016


No doubt 2016 will be full of hot air.

What, you worry?

11 Things To Worry About In 2016:


  • Holiday flab


  • Mutating fleas


  • Gut yeast bacteria



1 Nov


  • ¬ü¬† You love babies…¬† a) Of course! The more the merrier.¬† b) Anywhere, but sitting near me on an airplane¬† c) Only if they are four-legged¬† d) I prefer them in the womb¬† e) Sure, they make great props for campaign photo opps
  • ¬ü¬† Food stamps are…¬† a) A lifesaver for those in need¬† b) Handy for buying Life Saver candies and cigarettes¬† c) Rather tasty¬† d) Fattening¬† e) A bonanza for fraud
  • ¬ü¬† A full-time job is…¬† a) a colossal pain in the ass¬† b) Something I kind of miss¬† c) Fine if it doesn’t interfere with my FaceBook time¬† d) What the government owes us¬† e) An essential part of The American Dream in this exceptional country!
  • ¬ü¬† My retirement fund is…¬† a)¬† A victim of chronic abuse¬† b) Missing In Action¬† c) What retirement fund?¬† d) Not enough for my cat to live on for a month¬† e) Tied to a Golden Parachute
  • ¬ü¬† An AK-47 is…¬† a) A legal firearm¬† b) A lubricant¬† c) A complicated tax form¬† d) Something obscene that should be banned from the planet!¬† e) Standard issue with drivers’ licenses in Texas


¬†ūüôā Aren’t you glad the election is over in less than a week?

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Weekend Funny 5 More Signs Death Is Near

28 Sep

5 More Signs “Death” Is Near!

1.¬† Location. Location. Location. You are reclining in a cozy donut pool float, gloriously buzzed on Jamaican rum cocktails, drifting in the balmy blue Caribbean… but a hungry shark has a hankering for your pricey, dutifully applied 70 SPF face lotion.

2.¬† Politics. You’ve stopped screaming like a banshee at the election year coverage on the cable news channels.

3.¬† Loss of thirst for your favorite wine, Chateau St. Jean French Chardonnay. Say it ain’t so.

4.  Sex. You no longer consider vaginal rejuvenation a viable option.

5.¬† Money. Compulsive couponing has lost its charm. You really can’t take that extra 15 cents with you? Damn.

7 Signs Death Is Near

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I Feel Your Pain by Barb Best is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Vote for Comedy

10 Jan


2012 РLeap year and election year.  Who needs Dixville Notch? We got Reese.


You go, Girl!


Reese Witherspoon gets my vote for one of the funniest movies ever  РElection.



Directed by Alexander Payne. Based on the novel by Tom Perrotta. Screenplay by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor. 1999. Paramount.



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