Summer Fun? I Feel Your Summer Pain

18 Jul


Feelin’ your summer pain!

Barb Best I Feel Your Summer Pain

  • Trying to get in shape. Hmmm… Are your knees supposed to crack when you do squats?


  • Too much sun. Over exposed. Face it.

          Oh, well… Isn’t an age spot just a freckle that grew up?


  • Visiting family you haven’t seen for awhile? A vineyard may not be the best place to hold an intervention. On the other hand, it’s a place “the guest of honor” is more likely to attend.


  • Contemplating the serious questions. Why are cremation urns so cheesy looking? Martha Stewart and Kate Spade, get on this, will you?


  • A swimming idea from the Stockholm Men’s Synchronized Swimming Team:

Don’t Drink and Dive


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