Summer: 7 Burning Questions To Ponder

27 Jun


Summer Madness!!!

7 Burning Questions To Ponder

Summer Madness Barb Best Humor Blog

Should I walk my cat on a leash?

Here’s the argument for “Hey, why not?” from the Huffington Post


Which is more expensive… a trip to Paris or a new porcelain crown for that #3 molar you broke when you bit down on a granola nugget?

Guess. Apparently porcelain does not grow on trees.


Is tennis addictive?

I’m guessing no, but watching tennis is habit-forming. Just ask my cat.


Why is Marcus Lemonis of The Profit TV show on CNBC so sexy?

Must be his expertise in building businesses, his integrity, his kind eyes – and those big checks he writes.


Why shouldn’t your kid take a live bat to school for show-and-tell? Ouch! That’s why.


Amazing! Rent a pineapple? Mental Floss makes the history of pineapples fascinating!

The Super Luxe History of Pineapples (and Why They Used to Cost $8000)


Summer = Music. Isn’t this the coolest music APP you’ve ever seen?

Virtual Piano!




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