Sugar Crash: 7 Random Reflections Gleaned

7 Jul



Life is sweet. And what’s more fun than a blood sugar crash at 3:00 a.m.?

Sleep Blood Sugar Crash

 7 Random Reflections Gleaned from My Nightly Blood Sugar Crash

  • Geez, my pancreas needs a fidget spinner.


  • Is my Fitbit BS-ing me? Is my heart rate really 145? Or have I been sleeprunning again?


  • I’m so hot I wear a Mission cooling towel to bed.


  • Hate that 9 to 5 thang. I wonder if there are any remote positions open for “Bacardi enthusiast?” With medical, dental, and paid vacay.


  • Why was I dreaming about pigging out on s’mores pie with Korean boy band BTS?


  • Is it too late to have a lucrative career as a doodle artist?


  • Is a nude Zumba class the key to more meaning in my life?

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