SPLISH SPLASH: 15 Ways to Save Water?

9 Jul


Thirsty, anybody?

Splish Splash 15 Ways To Save Water

You may have heard.

Among the many crises in California, there is a record-breaking drought.

And so, here is my contribution to the water conservation effort.



  • Bathe with your dog.
  • Shower infrequently, briefly, and with the neighbors.

  • Anticipate when your wet dog is going to do “the big shake” and be poised with buckets to collect the ginormous spray.
  • Wash your car only in the Pacific Ocean. Hey! There’s lots of water there.
  • Check the family tree for drips you can eliminate.
  • If you must hydrate, use H2O from your swimming pool.
  • Recycle the water from your jacuzzi to your neti pot.
  • Consider the human eyeball as your personal, sustainable water supply system. Many of us can easily turn on the waterworks by merely viewing a sappy commercial, a movie about a lost dog, or our credit card bills. Put those tears to good use!
  • You need to rough it. Drink your apple Martinis warm. No ice! No Ice Bucket Challenges, either.
  • Cool it with the costly designer threads. Adopt a new centerpiece to your chic wardrobe – a rain barrel. Garners the attention you so desire while making a trendy eco-friendly statement.
  • If you feel dehydrated after exercise, suck on a watermelon.
  • Guzzle zucchini, cucumbers, and celery. They are 95% water. Yum?
  • Skip the bottled aqua. Perhaps focus on refreshing beers and sparkling wines.
  • Don’t flush when you’re a guest at someone’s house. This will make you real poopular popular.
  • Refrain from hosing down the front steps… unless an insurance salesman or an IRS agent is approaching.


Wishing everybody a summer devoid of poison ivy, sunburn, and air traffic delays.




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