7 Smart-Ass TIPS: How to Avoid Cognitive Overload

1 Mar

Cognitive overload – it can happen to you.


According to (who else?) Wikipedia

“In cognitive psychology, cognitive load refers to the total amount of mental effort being used in the working memory.”

Mental effort requires serious labor, and if overdone – your head will explode.

Too much on your mental plate?

7 TIPS to Avoid “The Big O” – Brain Overload

  • Don’t bite off more than you can mentally chew. For instance, reading the news online will give you food for thought, but don’t over consume. Go on a data diet.* Don’t take in more than you want to remember.


  • Enough with the multitasking! No texting while wining and dining. No consoling your elderly mother on the phone while you’re getting a lap dance. No playing Words With Friends during funeral services.¬† Do not even attempt to walk and chew gum at the same time.


  • Don’t count calories, carbs, sheep, and – especially – steps! Don’t even consider charging your Fitbit.


  • Cut the data limit on you smart phone so you can’t be over exposed and flashed. A pop-up ad is an assault on your cerebrum.


  • Implement the “two birds with one stone” framing to your daily life. Dumpster diving? It’s food shopping and exercise. Personal grooming? It’s strength training and community service. Volunteering at the animal shelter? It’s community service and pet therapy.


  • Stop bragging about how busy you are. Everyone is busy. What’s really hard is to not be busy.


* Exceptions include reading this blog ūüėÄ


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