Shop ’til You Drop, Buy ’til You Cry

24 May

Shop ’til You Drop, Buy ’til You Cry

Is the Consumerism vs. Minimalism dilemma naggin’ at your noggin?

Shop 'til you drop, Consumer








After all, there is so much stuff, yet so little time, money, and space.

Is consumer debt dragging you down?


Are you drowning in stuff?

Do you dream of a dumpster rental to solve your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mess?

Are you feeling compelled to tidy up?

Dying to spark joy?

Or longing for a serious dose of retail therapy?








Shop ’til you drop

is a lifestyle choice. Don’t judge!

Decisions, decisions

To buy or not to buy?

Humor blog post shopping








Do I really need to buy…

  • An Anti-Microbial Shower Curtain (What? No soap in there?)


  • A Wearable Mosquito Net Outfit  (Admittedly the pants are kind of sexy)


  • A 6′ Inflatable Dartboard  (Once you hit the target, the game is over)


  • The Air Powered Instant Plunger  (Carry one in your purse for formal dinner parties)


  • The All Day Portable Gel Seat  (Why not just wear gel pants?)


  • The Campfire Beer Caramalizer  (What’s wrong with s’mores? Not good enough for you?)


  • The Levitating Sports Helmet  (For the football fan who’s had one concussion too far?)


Thank you Hammacher Schlemmer for hours of reading pleasure.

Thank you Amazon Prime for the hustle.

Thank you Marie Kondo for sharing the magic.

See you on Pinterest – where it’s ALL stuff… cool stuff!

Minimalism: Does it Spark Joy or Oy?


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