Ridiculous News for Yous: The Silly Seven

7 Oct

Not all of the news is disturbing and stressful.

Some is merely absurd and weird.

Ridiculous is Good

The Silly Seven

  • A Cairo zoo is accused of painting donkeys to look like zebras. (Wrong on many levels, but resourceful)


Ridiculous News for Yous

















  • NY Post: Study shows the universe is filled with disgusting, greasy goop. (We knew that!)

  • Birds in Minnesota are getting ‘drunk’ on fermented berries. (FUI has a new meaning)


  • A woman had her baby in a Chick-Fil-A restroom. (Just wondering. If you deliver your baby in a Chick-Fil-A restroom… where did you honeymoon?)


  • Some people choose houseplants for their homes according to their Zodiac signs. (Yours – not the plants)


  • At an Italian winery, a 30,000 litre fermentation tank filled with Prosecco sparkling wine burst, causing a humongous fountain of bubbly. (Makes you thirsty, doesn’t it?)


  • In Japan, a Mona Lisa mosaic made of 23,360 rice crackers sets a Guinness World Record for (surprise) largest rice cracker mosaic. Almost 1,250 square feet of rice crackers? (But, do we have enough hummus?)
7 Ridiculous News for Yous

Credit: Wikimedia Commons





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