Long Weekend Funny 5 Tips

15 Feb


At your service…



5 Tips for the The Long Weekend

  • Skip reality TV. Instead, read the hilarious Vulture.com TV Recaps. Julie Klausner rocks the RHOBH series!
  • Sleep. A lot. Sleep is not just for the week. Just like Sudoku and killer karaoke, it sharpens your mind. […]

Valentine’s Day Report Card

10 Feb

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dear Jack,

Enclosed is your annual Valentine’s Day evaluation. Comments will address key aspects of your holiday performance.

1. You receive above average marks on maintaining a positive attitude for most of the evening.  We’ll forgive (but not forget) the grumbling under your breath when I sweetly requested you serenade me with “Baby.”

2. You demonstrated initiative and creativity (albeit with my constant prodding and direction) by making plum restaurant reservations for the mandatory romantic dinner.

3. You enthusiastically participated in the consuming of the extravagant calorie laden meal and (especially) the drinking of the inordinately over-priced French champagne.

4. Needs improvement. It is acutely evident that you need to work on the development of greater concentration skills (soup spoons are not percussion instruments) and on becoming a better listener. […]

My Funny Valentine

8 Feb


Valentine’s Day is a super occasion to demonstrate some self-love.

Give yourself a hug. Indulge your senses. Treat yourself.

The pressure is on!  Satisfy yourself!

BTW Need a quickie fun gift for YOU (okay… or a loved one) for Valentine’s Day?

How ’bout My Funny Valentine paperback or ebook?











* Less calories than a box of luscious chocolate truffles.

* Funnier than fudge. […]


1 Feb


You’d think with all the money the government spends, they could hire better photographers at the DMV.












Must law-abiding citizens’ driver’s licenses resemble mug shots?

And why do they order you NOT to smile? Most of us look more attractive if we are smiling (or at least faking it). […]

Boos to The Winter Blues

25 Jan


Is your mood ring murky?

Got the winter blahs?  The blues?  Perhaps Seasonal affective disorder?

Are you somewhere between Siberia and Sacramento on The Misery Index?

You’re in style. The winter blues are the new black.

Lightnin' Slim on the cover of his Ace Records...

Lightnin’ Slim on the cover of his Ace Records Winter Time Blues album (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Are you tired? Do you have Low T?    Do you poop out at Pilates?

The problem with January… It’s December weather without the presents, […]

New Year HA-Musings

16 Jan


How is 2013 going for you?

Credit: IJDR

Credit: IJDR







(I sincerely hope you haven’t slipped and cut your knee on a New Year’s Day “fitness” hike, come down with the flu, succumbed to a stubborn vocal cord infection and laryngitis, had a collision with a parking garage pole, received a swollen lip from the car door, broken an expensive glass vase in a gift store, and agreed to go to the movie Zero Dark Thirty on your wedding anniversary.)

If so (or worse!)… I feel your pain.

Speaking of pain, here are some Robitussin-induced musings: […]

Reality TV: Junk Food for the Soul

8 Jan

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Like computer worms and flesh eating bacteria, “Reality TV” just won’t go away.

Amazing how it simultaneously entertains and horrifies.

Yes, some of the people are interesting in often the most mind-boggling ways… but are they fascinating? Barbara Walters thinks so. […]

Celebrity Weekend Funny 5

4 Jan

5 for the weekend!

Celebrities are a constant source of humor…

How Was Your Week? with JULIE KLAUSNER

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Kim Kardashian Edition (Mad Magazine)

Suzy Soro’s new book Celebrity sTalker

$$$ Top Earning Dead Celebrities – Forbes Magazine

Oddly amusing: Celebrities on Twitter: Twitgrids.com

Paris Hilton

about 7 hours ago

Going to bed. Sweet dreams everyone. Good night


Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

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The Law of HA

2 Jan


The BEST to everybody in the New Year!

Especially wishing you more LAUGHTER in your  life.

Are you getting enough?

Think of LAUGHTER as an orgasm for the imagination. A cerebral romp for the playful. A workout that will leave you lighthearted.

Want to attract more mirth on a daily basis?

I have a new article up in a Slide Share at BeliefNet you may find helpful. Enjoy!

The Law of HA-traction


“100 Fast & Funny”

$2.99 ebook

$2.99 ebook












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Happy Whoop-di-doo Year

28 Dec




Time is the new money.

A special THANK YOU to all my readers and subscribers for your generosity!

Wishing you love, light, and LAUGHTER in the NEW YEAR.

See you in 2013.


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I Feel Your Pain by Barb Best is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


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