Do You Have OGD? Obsessive Google Disorder?

1 Dec


To Google or not to Google.


That is the question… must we Google?


English: Google logo from 1997

English: Google logo from 1997 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You may not have OCD … Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,


but you may have OGD… Obsessive Google Disorder.


What is OGD anyway?


According to The Urban Dictionary…


OCGD (Obsessive Compulsive Googling Disorder)  is:


“call it what you like: but it’s working on stuff other than work during work hours (& thus causing work problems).



Looks like Larry has a case of OCGD (Obsessive Compulsive Googling Disorder) as he never get’s any work done because he is too busy googling and searching all day long!”




I personally like to think of Googling as procrastination in the pursuit of knowledge.


In the last 5 hours, I have googled:


Prosecco out selling Champagne this year?


Cat cold nose meaning?


Children’s Book “Snow Treasure?”


Symptoms skin cancer?


7 Dwarfs names? Dwarfs or dwarves?


Roger Federer wife?


Apple net worth?


Wow!  Google Search is the next best thing to mind reading!


Inquiring minds want to know… and now they can indulge themselves fully by GOOGLING it!


Hmmm…. What does it actually mean when my dog turns his head to the side?


Google it!


Uh oh.  Why is my fourth toe longer than my big toe?


Google it!


When did Buddy Hackett die? Did Buddy Hackett die?


Google it!


If lip balm addiction is an addiction, then surely OGD is, at least, an affliction.


“Stop googling impulsively!”


We search, but do we find?


Should you (I mean we) get treatment for this malady?


Beats me. Google it!


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