News and You: It’s Time for An Intervention

12 Nov

A News Intervention

Have you been overdosing on the news?  (Of course you have.)

Consuming media 24/7?  (You bet!)

Watching, reading, and listening to everything? (Oh, yeah.)

News and Yous: It's Time for An Intervention

Now that the election is over

Perhaps you need to go on an Information Diet, Internet Detox, or Facebook Cleanse?

If you are like me, you are ready for a strong bourbon and a boob massage about now.

The News and Yous: An Intervention

A break from the political BS and drama!

It’s high time for funny (is there any other kind?) cat videos and puppy therapy.

It’s time for holiday comfort food and spirituous libations.

It’s time for a HUMOR intervention.


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