News to Amuse: Weird, Wonderful and Wild

7 Jun

Weird & Wonderful NEWS from Around the World

Pain-free News: Isn’t that all we ask?

Medical Fluke

Woman who feels NO PAIN is scientific marvel…

But she can still complain if she feels like it.

Can You Hear Me? Can You Hear Me Now?

Woman can’t hear men’s voices due to rare condition…

A condition usually found in married men.


Ebony and Ivory

It’s Wonderful news! It’s Marvelous news!

Head Injury Turns Man With No Musical Experience Into Master Piano Player…

Make lemonade and albums.


Up, Down and Over the Moon

English town breaks world record for most naked people on a roller coaster…

“One English town was hit with plenty of full moons last weekend after a group of nearly 200 British naturalists gathered to beat the record for most naked people on a roller coaster.”

An “A” for eccentricity!


Neighborly News

Neighbors sue over pig fumes…

This little piggy stinks to high heaven.


Amusing If It’s Not You

NIGHTMARE: Man lifts toilet seat and is bitten by python snake rising from bowl…

New meaning to “Bite my ass?”


This could make you a cynic…

DELTA passenger mauled by emotional support dog…

“Aw. Cute doggie. Sweet doggie. Sooo good. Arrgh!”


I Prefer Snickers

Earth could be flung out of Milky Way in massive galaxy collision…

“Our solar system has remained largely unchanged for billions of years and it’s likely to remain that way for a long time to come, but that hasn’t stopped astronomers from looking far into the future in an attempt to forecast some major changes happening to our home galaxy, the Milky Way.”

I blame it on the sugar.

Skip the Apocalypse. News to Amuse – the way we like it!

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