New Year Goals for Slackers: Aim Low!

19 Jan

GOAL is a four-letter word

If you’re a proud slacker, you are most likely just now getting around to giving some (but not too much) thought to the dreaded New Year’s Goals and Resolutions.

I can help with this endeavor.


Advice – you know you love it!


Here are a few goals you may want to add to your (no doubt) short list…

  • Fitness Goal: Exercise when you’re up to it, and only when you’re in the mood. For motivation, enjoy a chocolate peanut butter cup (or two) first.


  • Overall Health: Definitely sleep more every night. Make your bedtime that of an eighty-five year old’s. Anecdotal evidence… The average eighty-five year old has more energy than the average fifty-five year old.


  • Weight Goal: WTF try not to gain more than five, eight pounds this year.


  • Occasionally, choke down green, leafy foods. Address your pesky “brownies for breakfast” issue.


  • Meditate every morning: Better to do this before checking your iPhone. Reading email first thing in the morning can interfere with normal lung function. You will need to breathe in and out at some point during the day.




  • Eat, drink, and be mirthful.


  • Have cake daily – after all, it’s always someone’s birthday (especially on Facebook).


  • Drink more champagne. Salut!


  • Dance while everybody is watching – except for that perv neighbor across the way. Whatever. Carpe Diem!


“Why, yes!” Funny you should ask! “I have a new book coming out. Stay tuned.”

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