New Year 2018: Questions & Concerns

3 Jan

Happy New Year!   May this year be your BEST ever 🙂




Questions & Concerns

What is weighing heavy on your mind this new year?

So many issues of substance and style – must the world be so worrisome?


New Year 2018: Questions and Concerns

My Nagging Questions & Concerns


  • Flannel bedding – why such a controversial issue?


  • Can we use the newly FDA approved shock wave device to heal a broken heart?


  • Chin implants are on the rise… why not backbone implants? Funny bone implants?


  • Personalized shampoo – is this necessary?


  • Chatty supermarket robots – boy, I can’t wait.


  • Do we really need gluten-free pronouncements on carrot sticks and toilet bowl cleaners?


  • The silent epidemic of depression in goldfish… what can we do?


  • Why can you purchase a Mongolian donkey saddle and a vintage bull whip online, but not a measly box of cold medicine?


  • Should you change a baby on a bar cart? Even if it is a vintage Thomasville bamboo server from the Allegro series?


  • Tucked or Untucked, am I the only one who thinks there is a disturbing overdose of plaid in men’s fashion?


2018 – Go ahead and sweat the small stuff – the big stuff is too scary!

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