Neighbors to Love: 7 Posts from Next Door

19 Jul

Love Thy Neighbors

Like family, we don’t choose them.











A wonderful neighbor is a blessing and a friend.

A crazy neighbor is a curse from hell.

nosy neighbors










The Welcome Wagon has long since bitten the dust.

Now, we have an online chat forum for nearby dwellers and beloved community members – “Next Door.”

On “Next Door” – for better or worse – you can share whatever is on your mind.

This is dandy ’cause you don’t have to deal with anybody in person.

Neighbors Love











Thou Shall Not Covet thy Neighbor’s Cat

Dave and Jo: Disclaimer. Last week, we found an adorable ginger cat in our backyard. When asked to leave, he declined. Guess what? He seems to have taken a shining to us – and to wild albacore tuna and vanilla milkshakes. The vet said he didn’t have a chip so we named him Freido and now he’s part of our family.

Heidi: Hiya friends: My hubby and I are just married and new to the ‘hood.  Anyhoo, anyone have a doodle groomer they love and trust 150% with their precious one? Or an extra widescreen TV or a spare Sub-Zero they don’t need? We could also use a baby grand piano (preferably pearl white or soft pink) if you got one laying around. Thanks. Luv ya.

Gordon: What G.D. SOB is revving his sports car engine at 3:00 in the G.D. morning? Some of us have responsible G.D. jobs. We have to get up and go to G.D. work! Some of us are upright citizens who are not out slumming around at all G.D. hours! You unemployed, trust fund scum! You f#*!ing degenerates! The cops may not have the nuts to shoot you if they catch you, but I do!


Love thy Neighbors









Amanda: Lost marmalade tabby – he’s a real Tom cat, a hopeless insomniac, and horny as all hell. Answers to “Sexy Rexy.” Watch out, ladies!

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Bernice: What has happened to civility here in our cuddly little community? I, for one, am so upset over the vitriol I could spit – but, of course, I would never do that… especially on the sidewalk like some creeps do. Folks in this neighborhood used to respect each other and speak kindly to one another. Even when they had differences, they could sit down over spiked Kool Aid and cupcakes and speak civilly. Now they curse each other out and give them the finger at the drop of an ass hat. The world has gone to holy hell. Boo Hoo.

Jim: To whom it may concern. I have the name of a great anger management counselor here in town – Meg Manus. She has helped me with my issues. I’m happy to say I no longer have any restraining orders against me. Namaste.

Dave and Jo: Two week old Kittens for sale!!!  Five of the cutest kittens need a home. Weird! They are all orange tabbies.





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