7 New Year’s RID-solutions to Ponder

2 Jan


Woo Hoo! 2015!

Got resolutions?

I’ve got RID-solutions!


Good luck!


In 2015, let’s say Bye-Bye to…

1.      Denial.  “I’ll just have one more chocolate covered cherry because, after all, it’s a vital part of celebrating holiday traditions and participating in the pursuit of freedom.”

2.    Pride. I will not become irritated when I lose at tennis even though a) it is obviously my partner’s fault b) the sun is in my eyes c) I had too much coffee for breakfast d) not enough coffee e) I have a calf cramp f) I’m not wearing my lucky socks.

3.     Insincerity.  “When dressed in exercise clothes, I will actually make a serious effort to go to the gym and work out.”

4.     Spin.  “I will stop referring to curly Q french fries as “vegetables” and strawberry licorice as “fruit.”

5.     Cuticle abuse. I will not pull on dry cuticles and shred them like celery stalks, no matter how excruciatingly boring the meeting/lecture/conversation/TV show is.

6.     Blasphemy.  “I will stop using the Lord’s name (and the Duggars’ and TLC‘s) in vain.  Amen.”

7.     Procrastination. Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. Pinterest. I’m talkin’ to you.  Why is it so hard to quit ya?



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