My First 100 Days: Lots of Crying

29 Apr

My First 100 Days

Enough about Trump. Here’s what I did in my first 100 days.¬† Whaaa!

Barb Besy Humor My First 100 days

  • Exited my mother’s womb with a ton of fanfare. Actually, it was a bloodbath. Pretty gross. Extremely exhausting for Mom and me. Couldn’t wait to get cleaned up and grab a nap. Whew.


  • Cried. There’s lots of crying in the first 100.


  • Slept, mostly in spurts of a few hours here, a few hours there. Similar to how I do now.


  • Sucked milk. Comes naturally.


  • Peed freely – as if I were in a public swimming pool.


  • Pooped – if you want to call it that.


  • Opened my eyes. Gosh, I’m cute.


  • Fell in love with all of this sweet attention. Keep it up, guys!


  • Spat up milk. Comes naturally.


  • Taught myself to coo. What an effective way to communicate. Plus, I don’t need to know any pesky vocabulary words.


  • Pushed up on my arms. Did a high-five.


  • Gazed up at the goofy toy mobile above my crib. It plays sounds that barely pass as music. Parents enjoy it more than I do.


  • Lifted my head. Took several tries. Ugh, like lifting weights at the gym.


  • Made eye contact. Oh, good! We have a chocolate labradoodle.


  • Projectile vomiting. This is a real attention getter! Breaks the boredom.


  • Smiled. This is a winner. Comes naturally? Will have to remember to do this more often.


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