Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions for Badass Moms

21 Apr

Mother’s Day is soon.

Forget the sappy lace cards, the lazy texts, the half-baked brunches, and the lame flowers!

How ’bout a cutting edge gift from the gut that your badass mom can really enjoy?

Badass Moms Barb Best Humor

7 Mother’s Day Gifts for Badass Moms

  • Matching tattoos. What a great bonding experience for Mommy and the little ones. Yes, there will be tears, but this is your legacy. How sweet!  You and your kids will flash the same toxic ink image for the rest of your lives.


  • A trip to the archery range. Nothing says “Urgent Care” like a bow and arrow in virgin hands. Who needs a Glock 43 when you are adept with lethal projectiles? You’ll score a bullseye to Mom’s heart with this thoughtful gift.

  • A bumper sticker for her Harley that says:  “HONK if You’re a MUTHA!”


  • A Louisiana Swamp Vacation, complete with reptile pool games and alligator wrestling. No toddlers allowed.


Mother's Day Gift Suggestions for Badass Moms


  • A wine I.V. for the Mom who loves getting together with her gal pals for rowdy dinners, book clubs, and PTA meetings.


  • All stylish moms love jewelry.  Here’s some bling with bite for the Cool Mom. Get mom a gold tooth or two! Get up in her grill with some happening Hip Hop fashion jewelry. Smile!


Badass Moms Barb Best Humor


  • If Mom is a guy, how ’bout a gift certificate for electrolysis, back waxing, or cupping? After all, pain is the gift that keeps giving.




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