Millennials: 7 Signs You’re Too Sick to Go to Work

18 Jan


We love to tease our sweet, mindful millennials.

Especially because we parents nurtured and raised them to be the transcendent humans they are!

Millennials Too Sick to Go To Work


7 Signs You’re Too Sick to Go to Work

  • You sneezed and it isn’t allergy season. This acute onset of respiratory symptoms could be flu germs attempting to attack your immune system.  A morning nap, a healing foot massage and a toasty burrata taco is just what the doctor ordered.

~ Stay Home

  • You stubbed your toe. If not attended to, this could develop into a chronic pain syndrome – then where would your career be? Think long-term.

~ Stay Home

  • You feel sort of dizzy this morning and you don’t think it’s the pitcher of Piña Coladas you ingested at your gender reveal party last night. It could be benign positional vertigo, but let’s not take a chance.

~ Stay Home

  • You have a headache. Who knows? You may be contagious. You don’t want to infect your co-workers and you sure don’t want to work at home.  Listen to your body. Go to a movie, get a spa manicure, enjoy a stress-reducing, essential oil aromatherapy massage. If symptoms persist, load up on Netflix and Nutella.

~ Stay Home

  • Your breathing is on the stuffy side during your morning meditation. See #1.

~ Stay Home

  • You’re picking up barfy vibes. You have a profound feeling of malaise. Images of cruise ship norovirus outbreaks plague you. You need a hug! These symptoms can worsen rapidly, so take it e-a-s-y. Your health and supreme well-being come before stinky corporate profits. No need to tough it out at work. And none of this video conferencing crap from home!

~ Stay Home & Disable GoToMeeting

  • You’re not feeling special today. Perhaps a couple of maple bacon cronuts and a mental health day to realign your work-life balance will ease your pain?

~~ We LOVE You ~~

~~ HUG ~~

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