Meetings: Thoughts While Dozing at an HOA Meeting

1 Aug


Can you die of boredom?

Death certificate will read: Cause of death – Meetings!

“She was hanging in there pretty well, but then a meeting did her in.”


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Sure, I look alert and interested in this HOA meeting.

I’ll bet my faux expression of keen attention is fooling the overbearing board members and those oddly perky neighbors sitting next to me.

If it weren’t for the rampant yawns, the tears streaming down my face, and the occasional uncontrolled giggling – they’d have not a clue that I’m bored silly.

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Thoughts While Sitting at a Meeting

  •  OMG I’d rather be antiquing in Provence… or even Poughkeepsie.


  • I’m in dire need of a ZAP! from an electric shock bracelet. Call 9-1-1.


  • Just so you know, I may have to fake a bladder problem so I can leave this meeting early.



  • Does my Pug really need a memory foam bed?  As is, he remembers very little. And doesn’t he have enough padding already? Isn’t the world of modern pet furniture a marvel?


  • Isn’t it interesting that “Hoarders” begins with HOA? Hmmm… I suspect not a coincidence.


  • I don’t know why everyone criticizes millennials for eating avocado toast for breakfast. At least they’re eating their vegetables. And it’s healthier than a bowl of Cocoa Puffs or a box of Pop-Tarts. God, I miss cinnamon Pop Tarts. I’d kill for a warm cinnamon Pop-Tart. Or a steaming Cinnabon. The most dangerous thing in the airport is not the terrorist with the bomb – it’s the Cinnabons. They are addictive. OMG I’m starving.

Meetings… A brain is a terrible thing to waste.


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