Measure the Pleasure Not the Pain

29 May


Why not measure the pleasure instead of the pain?

We have fitness trackers to measure every step we slog and every nano-second of sweaty exercise…

the Fitbit Surge, the Jawbone Up3, the Garmin Vivosmart, and the Apple Watch.

Why not measure the pleasure, too?

Let’s count the time spent having FUN!

Whatever makes you happy


For example:

– 5 minutes singing in the shower

– 45 minutes playing card games with my kids

– 30 minutes baking chocolate chip cookies

– 2 hours watching trash TV

– 10 minutes eating chocolate chip cookies

– 50 minutes surfing food blogs

– 3 hours book club wine party with crazy girlfriends

– 12 minutes flirting with sexy pool guy

– 22 minutes fantasizing about sexy pool guy

– 15 minutes fantasizing about more chocolate chip cookies

– 15 minutes meditation contemplating navel

– 1 hour reading a funny novel

– 20 minutes? nap

You get the gist… and the jest!

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