Measure for Measure: I Need a Fitbit for My Brain

1 Nov

I need a fitbit for my brain, not my feet

We have fitness trackers that measure steps taken, miles logged, territory traversed.

Wearable technology enables us to monitor and access a vast world of valuable information.

For instance, a tracker will tell us if we’re a slacker when it comes to physical exercise.

That’s dandy, but…

Measure for Measure: I Need a Fitbit for my Brain








Why not a tracker for our brain activity?

I want to track my daily thoughts, ideas, creative bursts, flights of fancy, feelings, dreams, and left brain vs. right brain activity.

How about measuring memories made and recovered?

Daily monitoring of moods and musings?

Instead of steps, how ’bout depths? Concepts?

An APP a day

I want an APP that will record the rich inner life of my noggin – not just my joggin’.

How ’bout an APP that measures how many times we laugh each day?

Or how many times we feel love and kindness?

Jealousy? Annoyance? Rage at politicians? Existential angst?

Chocolate cravings? Penis envy? Coveting thy neighbor’s late model, luxury vehicle?


Measure for Measure: I Need a Fitbit for my Brain









Count Me In

I’m waiting for wearable technology that will measure the activity of my gray matter – not just my pitter-patter.

A mobile fMRI anybody?

Hey! Fitbit, Garmin, Apple… Step on it!

Measure the Pleasure Not the Pain

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