LUCKY is Relative: Why YOU are Having a Good Week!

29 Jan




Here’s why you are lucky this week:


* You haven’t been sucked into an MRI machine.



Man Dies After Being Sucked Into An MRI Machine via @IFLScience: 

* You have been exposed to more germs at work than at a brunch buffet on a cruise ship…  and you still haven’t gotten the flu.  You are lucky.


Lucky Barb Best Humor

Got Your Flu Shot Yet? Consider This A Reminder
by Patti Neighmond via NPR


* You haven’t taken a romantic walk on the beach lately. 



Romantic walk on the beach leaves couple with grossly deformed feet via @nypost


LUCKY Barb Best humor


* You are not presently vacationing at your pied-a-terre on the Left Bank

Flooding In Paris (Quick! The wine cellar!)


5 Flu Prevention Tips for Hypochondriacs & Moms

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