Love Thy Neighbor Can Be Hard Labor

13 Jan

Love thy neighbor – but NOT their posts on the online Neighbor Chatline

Neighbor Barb Best Humor




It is like awesome that we have this community chat group to share our feelings. Peace, love and friendship to all.

Imagine my consternation when lounging on my balcony this morning, enjoying the gentle rays of the sun, sipping my artisinal chai tea…

… when an eardrum-piercing racket made my breakfast ritual – let alone any silent prayer and meditation – impossible.

My emotional support chicken was traumatized. This is wrong, as it is my job to be traumatized.

Who the hell is the friggin’ clarinet player in our midst?



Desperately need someone to clean my house this week.  (don’t we all, honey)


Damn Internet – Is yours out, too?


A Pelican Kidnaps our Dog

We are heartbroken as an insane pelican brazenly took our precious cockapoo from our backyard. Out of nowhere, the pelican appeared above and swooped down on my precious pooch! In spite of frantic screeching from me, the pelican swooped up my baby with its bulldozer mouth and flew off in a fury. WTF!


Inappropriate Behavior

Unfortunately, I have been the witness to and recipient of some pretty darn inappropriate behavior. Imagine my horror when two boys on skateboards careened past me in our commons area. I almost fell and broke multiple bones. I’m having a police sketch artist come up with a flyer. Justice will be served.


Damn Cable TV – Is yours out?


Found Cat

Love Thy Neighbor Barb Best Humor

“I found the most adorable cat, a real mensch, cute as punch and highly personable. Hell, he’s almost employable… maybe as a restaurant hostess or a life coach.

Did someone lose this little guy?  Tough luck ’cause I’m keeping him! He loves us – and creme fraiche with his daily lobster bowl. No worry. We’ll take good care of him.


Damn cell service – Is yours out, too? Again?


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