Lizards Mating: 7 Questions To Ask Yourself

22 Jun


Eidechse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leaping Lizards! Yuck!

There is a lighter side to lizards… just watch them mate sometime.

7 Questions To Ask Yourself While Watching Lizards Mate

  • Isn’t nature amazing?


  • What – no foreplay?


  • Must they do this in plain sight! on the tennis court! while I’m trying to focus and get some serious exercise FGS?


  • On the cuteness scale, where does the baby lizard fall? Above the rhinoceros and below the common frog?

Fake News

  • Is it fake news – or the gospel truth – that lizard penises are used as good luck charms?

BBC News



Yum 🙂



  • Is my cute little tabby going to kitty cat hell for biting the head off a lizard three years ago? Perhaps it was self-defense?

Lighten Up

  • If I snap and post a tacky pic of amorous reptiles, is it crossing the thin line on the slippery slope of the dark side? Or does it make me a bonafide nature photographer a la National Geographic?



Geez. So many ethical questions in “journalism” today.

It’s, a, jungle, out, there.


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