What I Learned This Week

21 Apr


We are always learning – perhaps not always remembering – but always learning.

I learned some interesting things this week that I will share with you.

I go through the pain so you don’t have to ūüôā



  • ¬†It’s a bad sign when your husband keeps a jug of antifreeze and an eye dropper in the kitchen.¬† Hint: Get a food tester. (Forensic Files)


  • When flying, your carry-on luggage should never weigh more than twice your body weight – unless you are on steroids.


  • It can be very expensive to wait for a flight out of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. Flashing slot machines are as enticing as the seductive aroma of Cinnabon.


BTW If this isn’t food porn, I don’t know what is… http://www.cinnabon.com/




  • If your cat is miffed at you, he will not only think out of the box, he will act out of the box.


  • You know it’s spring when the birds are having a chirping orgy outside your window at the break of dawn.


  • Soon, your husband/wife/significant other may leave you for a robot. (Time Magazine)


Taking Notes?


  • “Never have your husband teach you to ski.” – from Gypsy Nesters


  • If you really want to sleep better after a certain age, have black-out curtains installed on your eyeballs. Works like a charm.


  • Chocolate fudge frosting never disappoints.


Did you know that a sense of humor can be learned?

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