No Kidding! 5 Reasons You Are Anxious and Depressed

1 Mar

5 Reasons You Are Anxious and Depressed

#1  You just gave birth

You are supremely grateful for this amazing blessing from God, however…

you feel you did not receive a worthy “push present.”


push present

Have you noticed that L.A. celebs (like wild magpies) love shiny objects?


#2  Freaky Leaky Gut

You ate the whole thing.

You indulged in a thoroughly enjoyable Southern style pig-out: A plate of BBQ “lickin chicken,” a “moon doggie” (a quarter pound all beef dog on a French roll), deep fried cornbread, pimento cheese balls, hushpuppies, fried hash browns, pralines, and (last but not least) Mississippi Mud Pie. You doubled your biscuit pleasure with a bowl of fried gravy.

Seems you don’t have the intestinal fortitude you thought you had.

It’s Cryin’ Time!



#3  Glub Glub

Your new hobby is day drinking. Apparently, it’s never too early – or late – for a pitcher of Porch Pounders.

Unfortunately, party cheer turns to chronic gloom in a New York Minute.

Perhaps take up fly fishing, dog grooming, or extreme ironing instead?

More cost effective than booze bills and cirrhosis.


#4  Dr. Google

Instead of sleeping, you spend the wee hours of the morning googling your medical symptoms and convincing yourself you’re on the brink of death.

Fire WebMD, have a cookie, and grab forty winks.



#5  The BEST Medicine

You’re not laughing enough.

Check out these humor & comedy sites for an easy laugh.

Yes, this blog is listed 🙂


Top 45 Funny Blogs


Humor = An antidote to “depressed and anxious.”  Study therapeutic humor with The Humor Academy and AATH 


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