James Bond: Why Women Love Him

17 Nov


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In Spectre, Daniel Craig plays our favorite “00.”

I viewed the latest James Bond movie in a medium-sized theater on a weekend where surprisingly the audience was 85% female.

Why do women love this James Bond?

Could be his blue eyes, dry wit, calm demeanor, strength, intelligence, and confidence.

Maybe the dapper Tom Ford blue sharkskin suit he dons that fits ever so snugly to show off the contours of his manly physique?

He accessorizes well. He sports a pocket square, cuff links, and occasionally a red carnation. His leather shoes are shined. (No baseball cap and wide-ass jeans for this guy.)

And who doesn’t look better in a white dinner jacket than “Bond, James Bond?”

He is amazingly spry for his age in spite of a chronic lack of sleep, poor diet, high cortisol levels, job stress off the charts, and excessive vodka consumption.

Wow. After all of the mega-explosions he has endured close-up and personal, he can still hear.

Yes, he often looks like he’s sucking on a lemon, but we learn – that like Harry Potter – he was orphaned at an early age. Plus he’s suffered over 25,000 concussions, contusions, lacerations, black eyes, facial and limb fractures, bullet wounds, and torture via ice pick through the temple. (You’d grimace, too.)

He knows PAIN! Women can relate.

A sexist streak? At this point, what exists in his character is part of the humor… it’s tongue-in-cheek, merely for entertainment. The audience is in on the joke.

Still, one wonders… where are the men?

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