I’ve Got Balls Yes I Do

12 Jun


Why, yes, I’ve got balls. Do you have balls?

Life can be tough. We all need them.

May I recommend?

Balls to relax us when we are stressed… which for some of us is much of the time.


Balls for a gratitude squeeze. “Life Is Good” Think of it as a hand hug.
BarbBestHumorI'veGot Balls
Of course, there’s the favorite cat’s favorite toy – a ball.

No fancy peacock feathers or battery-powered, plastic twirly birds. A simple ball for play.

I’m partial to eyeballs myself. Perfect for reading, people watching and reality TV marathons.



How can we forget the beloved yet much-maligned holiday cheese ball?

Nothing says “LOVE” like sharp cheddar soaked in Port wine and coated with chopped pecans.


Credit: Flickr

Tennis balls. Like chocolate, you can’t have enough.

Makes the perfect gift for birthday, bridal shower, baptism and bris!


Balls: Courage. Nerve. Don’t leave home without them.



Life Is Good… Spreading optimism

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