Issues, Issues: We All Have ‘Em

28 Aug


Issues. Problems. Difficulties.

We all have issues

Issues, Issues: We All Have 'Em

I feel your pain.

  • You see oddball smiley faces in kernels of corn. And you photograph them.


  • You get jet lag from going to an air show.


  • You simply can’t resist the urge to take a selfie with a rattlesnake or a rabid raccoon.


  • You’re convinced there are sinkholes and lightning bolts with your name on them. And they are gonna find you. Soon. Perhaps on the same Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.


  • Speaking of issues…  Mamma Mia!  Have you noticed that ALL of the candidates running for President have glaring Daddy issues?


  • Bazooka Joe Blow!  You believe all sugar is evil and that chewing gum is a gateway drug.


  • You have a 20-Something son (who lives with you) who is going for another Master’s Degree – this time in Ukulele.


  • Your Goth daughter is getting married by a Wiccan priest at a Taco Bell. You are conflicted. For the wedding, should you request she lose the spiky dog collar-choker and wear white? Or should you, just, roll, over, and, give, the, F, up?

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