Is Your 20-Something Ready to Marry? A Checklist

25 Jul


Is your 20-Something ready (as in mature enough) to marry?

EEK! Your little baby, a 20-Something, is tying the marriage knot.

Is Your 20-Something Ready to Marry?

Here is a checklist to determine if he/she is sufficiently prepared for matrimony.

  • Potty-trained
  • Pays own cell phone bill
  • Able to kill a spider by self
  • Wisdom teeth (and some wisdom) have appeared

  • No longer clings to bath toys, Barbie Dolls, or fave stuffed animals
  • Dresses self in a manner that does not embarrass the family or invoke ridicule from perfect strangers and imperfect loved ones
  • Adequately weaned
  • Can handle the crazy stress of a (yikes!) wedding
  • No longer spends inordinate time with imaginary friend, Mr. Bunny
  • Does not suffer acute hearing damage from years of helicopter parents’ hovering
  • Demonstrates social maturity: Can spot a “little person” on the street without pointing and giggling
  • Has that “thumb suck, chew, biting” habit licked
  • Fills car gas tank by self
  • Has kicked that video game addiction
  • Demonstrates reasonable sharing skills: For example, if there is only one red velvet cupcake left… do you scoff it down immediately in a mad conquest OR do you cut it in half and leave the smaller half for your soon-to-be husband/wife?
  • No longer insists boo-boos be kissed

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