Health & Wellness: 7 Tips for the Weary

27 Sep


Do you worry about health and wellness?

Do you frantically google every weird symptom?

Do you subscribe to Prevention Magazine and read every word religiously?

Health Tips for the Weary

To health with it!

7 TIPS your doctor won’t share with you, but I will:

  • Don’t take a diuretic or a laxative before a lengthy car trip.


  • Oil pulling – it’s not for amateurs. Get a coach.


  • Too much refined sugar will neither make you refined nor sweet.


  • No jogging in three-digit temperatures unless you want the coroner to be the next person to admire your muscular, toned figure. As a matter of fact, skip the jogging altogether. What’s the hurry?



  • Don’t dip body parts into a jacuzzi that is hotter than your pool boy.


  • Don’t take an advanced yoga class before many (100 or more) beginner yoga sessions – unless you are Gumby.



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