Happiness at School: Educator & Author Sue Stephenson

30 Mar


Happiness and Comedy

“Every bad or good thing can be turned into something funny.”

                                                                                                       – Daniel (student)  

Sue Stephenson

Educator, author, and Certified Laughter Leader Sue Stephenson believes in the power of laughter.

Seriously! She is helping students find their inner comedian. She is bringing fun to the classroom. She is using comedy in schools to promote literacy, well being, and mental health.

Sue Stephenson

The Happiness at School™ project

is the innovative school program using stand-up comedy that former principal Sue created and co-developed with comedians Kyle Woolven and Marc Hallworth

The Happiness at School™ project is based on her classic book Kidding Around: Connecting kids to happiness, laughter and humor

Happiness at School Sue Stephenson

The project has been a great success for three years in Canada, and now…

Due to popular demand

Teachers and comedians! YOU can become a Happiness at School™ Certified Facilitator via a short online course. This is a great opportunity. Check it out happiness-at-school.ca

A Godsend!

This testimonial is from a mother of one of the 2016 spring students. Kyle Woolven was the facilitator and comedian coach who worked with Ryan.

“My son Ryan participated in your Happiness at School project at St. Michael Catholic School in Belleville, and in short, it was a Godsend for him. You should know – you’ve had a HUGE impact on his life! I never saw him enjoy school the way he did during the time that you were teaching him! The days that you were there were the days he set his alarm to be up early and ready to go. He worked at his comedy like it was a full time job – so I truly believe this is his passion. Thank you for awakening that in him!”   – Amy Doyle, 2017


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AATH humor conference 2017

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