Gratitude With An Attitude

29 Nov




Like many, I am acutely aware of being grateful – health, family, friends, pets, laughter, chocolate, caffeine, a working internet connection – are obviously priceless.


In honor of the whole “Give Thanks” thing… I’ve been keeping a Gratitude Journal… 7 Notes:


* Am grateful that a migraine attack only lasts a day.


* Thankful Aunt Carrie puts a truckload of bourbon in the yam soufflé.  Can you say “Pass the potatoes!” fast five times… fast enough?


* Blessed to not be working in a coal mine or on the front line in Afghanistan.


* Thankful for all the little birdies in the sky – and for the drones and meteors that haven’t zapped us yet.


* Advil. Self explanatory.


* Eyes. Eyes come in SO handy.


* Thankful that Black Friday only lasts for a week now.


Your humble humor servant, I feel your pain 😀


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