Grateful for 2019: 7 Damn Good Reasons

1 Jan

Grateful for 2019!

You bet!

“But why?” you ask.



Grateful for 2019










Grateful Because…

  • You did not have a leech removed from your nose. (That head cold last winter was bad enough.)

  • There is not a shocking blue glow over your town’s skies. (You love the color blue, but not this much.)


  • Your retirement portfolio is not comprised solely of JCPenney stock. (Or any stock?)


  • A Cat 5 hurricane did not blow your mobile dwelling into an alligator-filled swamp. (There is such a thing as too mobile.)


  • You did not fill your home with deadly chlorine gas while attempting to unblock the toilet. (Surely, it’s not necessary to commit a war crime to solve such a mundane problem.)


  • You were not sent to the pokey for sexually harassing a monkey. (Friends don’t let friends drink and go wild at the zoo.)


  • It’s no longer 2018. (It’s 2019 and the year doesn’t stink yet. YAY!)

Happy New Year! Wishing you a mirthful 2019!

Gratitude With An Attitude

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