Genetic Testing for Traits We Really Want To Know About

7 Sep

Testing… 1 – 2 – 3… Testing

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There is available at-home genetic testing for likely traits such as cilantro aversion, earwax type (wet? dark-colored? sticky? Gross!), photic sneeze reflex (whatever that is), asparagus odor detection, and unibrow.

Seriously, do you need a DNA test to confirm your hair color (unless you actually can’t recall your original color) or remind you that you can smell asparagus in your pee?

Traits We Really Want To Know If We’re Carrying

  • Smart Ass gene
  • Propensity to drown in credit card debt
  • Pathological Liar
  • Lucky in love

  • Likely to suffer Social Media Addiction
  • Enabler
  • Party Pooper Reflex
  • Allergy to employment
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Smarter than a Fifth Grader?
  • Drama Queen gene
  • High risk of developing Obsessive Compulsive “Words With Friends” Disorder

Test Results

Seems everyone who has an ancestor in the northeast United States comes up 1% + American Indian. (Bingo – use this and it will skyrocket your kids’ college choices.)


appears to be an issue with at-home test kits.

Up To 40 Percent Of Direct-To-Consumer DNA Tests Are Wrong

A dog’s DNA is similar to a human’s DNA, but shouldn’t they be able to distinguish you from a Golden Retriever?

Report: A DNA Testing Company Could Not Tell the Difference Between Human and Dog DNA


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