Funny Woman Celebrated: Judy Garland

7 Feb

Funny Woman

Judy Garland was very funny!

Watch the movie JUDY for the laughter as well as for the pathos and the singing.


“People always thought I was funny. I was never funny.

You know who was truly funny? Judy Garland.

Judy Garland was funny.

She made me look like a mortician.” 

Lucille Ball


Many (including me) found The Joker to be disturbing and depressing. A drag. A mentally ill asshat comic strangles his sick mother to death in her hospital bed.  (Ha Ha Ha. Hilarious. What fun! Ugh.)

Surprisingly, JUDY was not a downer. It was uplifting – a celebration of a fascinating woman, one who was dedicated to her children.

Judy’s sense of humor and wit are highlighted beautifully in the movie JUDY.



TV clips

Witty stories. Wonderful laugh.



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