Fun? Are You FUN? A QUIZ

26 May


Are you any FUN?


Or are you too busy? Do you forget to be playful?

Gee, quizzes are really fun, don’t ya think?

This one’s for you.

True or False?

  • I do not whistle while I work. I do not whistle while I play. Heck, not even when I shower.


  • I enjoy shopping for athletic socks, Q-Tips, and emergency kits. Whoopee!


  • My dog won’t play with me. Apparently the snooty cat is more fun.


  • Sadly, I do not own a set of marshmallow roasting forks, let alone use them on a regular basis.


  • The only party I’ll go to is a pity party. And, yes I’ll cry if I want to.


  • My idea of a vacation is four days at the hospital for elective gall bladder surgery.


  • My favorite holiday is any day I can make a trip to the cemetery to visit loved ones.


  • As a toddler, I was once left on the top of the family car, fell off when my parents sped off, and was mistaken for roadkill. Talk about the terrible twos.


  • I have never colored my hair fuchsia, chartreuse, or berry blue.


  • Not only do I not smell the roses, I’m allergic to the roses. I avoid them at all costs.


Remember to be fun – if not wild and crazy ūüôā

Wishing you a Fun, Fun, Fun Summer!


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